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The Tubgirl Collab The Tubgirl Collab

Rated 5 / 5 stars




Yes this was quite a good cartoon badger although I enjoyed your afghanistan game alot more.

TooF Hate, My Reply 2 You TooF Hate, My Reply 2 You

Rated 2 / 5 stars


You know at this point, it doesnt matter how quickly you slap these terrible things together, people will adore it, 5 it, and frontpage it anyway.

You've become like alot of authors here unfortunately become.
It is possible, to make a succesful series, make some money, and NOT sacrifice the quality of it for the sake of faster production.

But seeing as the last 3 episodes of the series have been that, well, have fun being a product lable, Mr.Jonathan Ian Mathers Jr.

ViPC -group A- ViPC -group A-

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


"Bahhh!!" Coughing painfully, Bulbasaur reeled back, gargling slightly.
Helpless, Pikachu struggled, his legs kicking, toes spread and arms bound
tightly. Breath blowing deeply, Bulbasaur began to moan deeply in the back
of his throat. Growling, he lifted the struggling Pikachu over his head,
holding it firmly harshly, his body braced, legs spread and tense. Suddenly
howling, he smashed Pikachu down before him, crushing his furred chest into
the earth. Hard, he felt his body vibrate, hate, randiness and power
screaming in his head. Tense vines suddenly snapped back. Holding Pikachu,
he maneuvered, unmoving; Pulling Pikachu towards him, he maneuvered Pikachu
before him; the tip of Pikachu's tail just tickling his nose. Suddenly,
harshly, powerfully, he tightened, pulled and mounted, shoving Pikachu's
tail high over his head,. Hard, he thrust himself forward; Pikachu's eyes
flashed open in panic, and he screamed as he felt Bulbasaur push harshly
against him. Rubbing his hardened erection against Pikachu's silky fur, he
searched, then suddenly felt his hard, firm head find and caress the
straining muscles as he pushed the very tip of his head into the tiny,
clenched opening, feeling the spread of shivering muscles as he wiggled,
positioned, and eyes hard with lust, slowly and agonizingly penetrate, feeling the straining lips slip over every wrinkle of his hardened body as
he thrust, entering. Pikachu screamed as he felt himself spread; muscles
straining, he felt himself pushed open, as the hard, burning head worm it's
way inside him. Tightening his body in panic, he arched, thrusting back, his
hips bumping sharply against Bulbasaur's thighs and his legs scrabbling
desperately in the dirt. He screamed, eyes crushed closed, as he felt
Bulbasaur fill him; horror filled as the hard, raping head dove into his
body, shaft widening the further it slipped inside; sickening muscle
contractions seemed to draw the hard head further in. His stretched,
shuddering opening was at it's limit when the broad arch of Bulbasaur's hips
pressed themselves into Pikachu's yellow pelt.


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Wade Fulp: Eat the Cocks! Wade Fulp: Eat the Cocks!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

HAWT PR0N!!!!1

The funniest thing is how factual this cartoon is.
Because Wade DOES eat cocks.
And his wife IS a bunch of insects in disguise!
And the preloader circle IS green!

Fant ASS tic.

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rexCo responds:

Job: screaming loudly

dear god, the clownjew is amazing